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From Sauter Pianos to Sauter Controls, Sauter Development to Sauter Stetten, the Sauter namesake has built a network of reputable companies, businesses, product, and people.


Think about it.

Sauter Carbon Offset Design brings us many firsts including: “the first safe at any speed Kevlar bodied car, the first production car to employ an explosion proof fuel tank, the first production car to employ a supercharged V8, the first production car to offer a lifetime guarantee against corrosion & dents, and he first production car with built in solar powered generating system.” David Sauter pioneered the business model of Interactive Business in his 13+ running years as CEO of Envano Interactive. Interactive Business is strategic shift that aids in driving change throughout a business by focusing interactive efforts and strategy across the organization rather than pigeon hold in a traditional marketing department. Alexis Sauter, American singer and songwriter, brings us songs she considers inspirations from God and works with people like Raina Bundy, Multi Grammy Award Winning Producer and Entertainment Executive. And the list goes on.

Awesome Sauters

So, to the tune of French verb "sauter," meaning to jump.
Sautons dans I'innovation!

Jump into innovation

Let us jump into innovation in the Sauter name for years to come.


Envano helps brands inspire loyalty. Compiled of a passionate team of interactive business experts, Envano challenges old ineffective conventions and finds new impactful solutions to help brands compete. Envano’s unique vision and unrelenting drive have inspired global manufacturers and regional brands navigate the ever-changing digital marketplace. Areas of specialization include website development, mobile strategy, mobile apps, responsive web design, social media, search engine optimization, content creation, and interactive business strategy. Founded by David and Ruth Sauter.

Sauter Development

Foxborough Court, owned by Sauter Development, is a unique development reminiscent of the classic architecture and comfort of a charming 1920's neighborhood. Relax in a custom-designed single family home surrounded by manicured grounds in an exclusive setting.

David Sauter

David Sauter, CEO of Envano Interactive, helped to pioneer what is now being referred to as Interactive Business. Being in the interactive marketing & sales field since the mid-90s and starting Envano in 2001, while others were crashing in the dot-bomb, has provided David many stories. But old rules no longer apply. With the influx of opportunity in mobile and social, his focus remains on what's next; and, more importantly, what will help Envano's partners outsmart their competition.

Alexis Sauter

Alexis Sauter is a singer/songwriter in Contemporary Christian music who considers her Inspirational music a gift from God. She has the privilege of being part of the worship community at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. At the end of the day, everything that Alexis does is in service to the Lord – having dedicated her life, passion, and worship to bringing light and hope to the world through music.

Sauter Pianos

The Sauter World of Pianos brings the world upright and grand pianos, built around Peter Maly's special design for Sauter and offers a unique history and corporate philosophy of the piano factory.

Sauter Controls

"In its history spanning more than 100 years, the SAUTER Group has managed to position its name worldwide for expertise in the building management and room automation sector. The company combines a global outlook with regional bonds, and a traditional approach with seminal innovation."

Morsels of Kindness

Morsels of Kindness provides daily inspiration using the Word of God. Raina Bundy, the author of Morsels of Kindness, is a multi Grammy award winner, television producer and an entertainment executive who LOVES GOD!

Sauter Stetten

For Sauter Stetten, "everything started in a blacksmith shop in a little village. More than 100 years ago the grandfather of today's owner, Hans Sauter, founded the family business SAUTER. In the course of many years the little blacksmith shop became a modern structural steel and engineering works. Since 1980 the company has specialized in development, production and sale of front linkages and front PTOs."


According to Sauter Carbon Offset Design, "the primary objective of Sauter Carbon Offset Design is to reduce GHG emissions by 50 to 100% in boats by optimizing and applying the full range of well established technology in shipbuilding, and when applicable to employ the cutting edge advances to come out of the automotive and aerospace industry."

Sauter Electromenager

Other Awesome Sauters

Sauter Name

Sauter is a surname of German origin and over time has graced the likes of football players to racecar drivers, and musicians to businessmen.

Bjorn Sauter (b. 1984)
German race car engineer (Formula SAE)

Eddie Sauter (1914–1981)
American music composer and jazz arranger

Cory Sauter (b. 1974)
American professional football player

Fritz Sauter (1906–1983)
Austrian-German physicist

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